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DSK50 - driver for the TMS320C50 DSK DSP board


    Driver for the Texas Instruments DSP Starters Kit TMS320C5x.

    This driver allows TI's DSK to be used either as 1200 baud AFSK modem or as 9600 baud FSK modem, compatible to the G3RUH standard. The DSK works as a modem frontend, sending a serial bitstream to the PC, which then decodes it (HDLC protocol). With 9600 baud, the analog output MUST be filtered with an analog filter! The RTS line of the serial port may be used as the PTT signal (ATTENTION: Voltage level from -12 to 12V).

Command line parameters:

    dsk50 [-c:<com>]

    -h, -? description of the parameters
    -c the COM port number
    -b, -p base address of the serial interface (if -c is not used)
    -i the IRQ number (if -c is used, -i must be placed afterwards)
    -a use the AUXIN input
    -d invert DTR (DTR serves as the reset line for the DSP)
    -r invert RTS
    -s limits the baudrate of the serial interface to 9600, and thus the radio baudrate to 1200

    The 9600 baud modem is sensitive to DC levels at the input. Make sure that the receiver signal is centered around ground!


  • Calibration finishes with about 3s delay (at 1200 Baud)
  • Measurement of the TX delay of other stations is not supported

PTT connection


    The faster DSP allowed the removal of some nasty limitations of the TMS320C26 DSK driver at 9600 baud FSK. The TX filter is now significantly better, and the codec operates within its specification.

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