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EZKIT - driver for the EZKITlite DSP board


    Driver for the Analog Devices' EZKIT Lite DSP board.

    This driver allows Analog Devices' EZKIT Lite DSP board to be used as a two channel packet radio modem. Each channel can be used either with 1200 baud AFSK or 9600 baud FSK compatible to G3RUH.

    Currently there are 4 EPROM files:

    Filename Left Channel Right Channel
    TNC1212.EXE 1200 Baud 1200 Baud
    TNC1296.EXE 1200 Baud 9600 Baud
    TNC9612.EXE 9600 Baud 1200 Baud
    TNC9696.EXE 9600 Baud 9600 Baud

    WARNING: These files do not contain PC executable code! Calling them will cause the PC to crash. However, these files can be processed with Analog Devices' tools, such as the PROM splitter and the loader.

    The driver reserves two channels. The baudrate of the channels must be configured according to the EPROM!

    The DSP firmware outputs some interesting signals at following PFx pins

    Pin Connector DSP-Pin Channel Signal
    PF0 P3:25 1 Left PTT
    PF1 P3:26 128 Right PTT
    PF2 P3:27 127 Left DCD 1200 Baud
    PF3 P3:28 125 Right DCD 1200 Baud
    PF4 P3:29 122 Left DCD 9600 Baud
    PF5 P3:30 121 Right DCD 9600 Baud

Command line parameters:

    ezkit [-c:<com>]

    -h, -? description of the parameters
    -c the COM port number
    -b, -p base address of the serial interface (if -c is not used)
    -i the IRQ number (if -c is used, -i must be placed afterwards)

PTT connection


  • Calibration finishes with some delay

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