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FlexNet driver documentation
KISS - three wire serial link protocol


    Driver for KISS communications over serial interfaces.

    WARNING: KISS.EXE should only be used to attach another computer. It is not able to drive a KISS TNC. Parameters such as TxDelay and full/half duplex are not forwarded. The only use of this driver is PC to PC or PC to RMNC coupling!

    16550 support (FIFO mode) is implemented. The KISS baudrate must be specified with the FSET MODE command. The RMNC KISS CRC mode is supported and autimatically activated if the peer imposes CRC checking. CRC may be forced with the mode parameter 'c'. All other mode parameters are ignored.

    COM1-4 may be specified directly at driver start. Other port addresses or IRQ numbers are optional. The address and the interrupt number may be specified either decimal or hexadecimal prefixed with '0x'. Explicit port and irq settings take pecedence over the defaults.

Command line parameters:
kiss <comnr> [/p=<port>][/i=<irq>]
FlexNet parameters:
'c': force CRC checking.

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