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The FlexNet Mailing List

There is a  mailing list available where we place news about our software and where you also can ask questions about FlexNet.

This genuine FlexNet mailing list is now available at QTH.NET

QTH net has a few nice features, such as having  [FlexNet] in the subject  field of each message, and the web-based subscription/services they offer.  Additionally they offer digests for the mailing lists so you can also read about  topics that were discussed before you subscribed.

There are two ways to subscribe to the FlexNet list:

By E-Mail, you can send a message to 

with any title and the following as the message text: 

subscribe flexnet [Your E-mail address here] 

as in: 

subscribe flexnet dl4vbp@qsl.net 

The second method is to use QTH.NET's nice subscription/services page at: 

They have a great variety of Ham-related lists there, and the webserver is 
the best way to look them over (just make sure that your browser is capable 
of running Java scripts). 

Many thanks to Al Waller, K3TKJ for offering this service and to Charles 
Brabham, N5PVL for maintaining it. 

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