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FlexNet driver documentation
PSADRVR - Driver for PSA soundcards


    Driver for soundcards containing the PSA chipset from Analog Devices.

    This driver allows soundcards containing the PSA chipset to be used either as 1200 baud AFSK modem or as 9600 baud FSK modem, compatible to the G3RUH standard. Soundcards containing this chipset currently are: Echo Speech Corp. Personal Sound System, Cardinal DSP16 (Plus), Orchid Soundwave 32, Wearness Beethoven. Minimal hardware configuration: AT 286 (actually the driver would run on an XT, but the card needs a 16bit slot). Support for the ESC615 ASIC implemented, but untested due to lack of hardware. Please success or failure reports to the author!

Command line parameters:

    psadrvr [-i=<iobase>] [<filename(s)>]

    -h, -? description of the parameters
    -i base address of the soundcard, default 0x220, alternatively 0x240, depending on the jumper setting on the soundcard
    filename(s) The DSP firmware contained in the file is loaded into (PC) memory and is subsequently available. If no filenames are specified, then FIRM1200.DSP and FIRM9600.DSP are loaded. These files also contain the audio parameters. They must be generated using TPAT1200.EXE and TPAT9600.EXE./TD>

Upgrading the DSP firmware

    The DSP firmware is embedded in the TPAT1200.EXE and TPAT9600.EXE files. If there are newer versions of these programs out, you may update the FIRM*.DSP files by just starting both TPAT*.EXE programs. They will use the previously stored audio settings and rewrite the FIRM*.DSP files on quit with the new firmware version.

PTT connection


    - Calibration max. 60min. - Measurement of the TX delay of other stations is not supported - PTT problem: PTT requires additional circuitry - After unloading the driver, one has to reload the soundblaster emulation code manually using the software that came with the soundcard

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