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SER12 - Driver for BayCom 1200 baud modem


    Driver for the 1200 Baud Baycom modem connected to the COM interface. COM1-4 may be specified directly, different port addresses or IRQ numbers are optional. Only 1200 Baud half duplex operation is supported. Port addresses may be given in decimal or hexadecimal notation, prefixed by "0x".

    The driver features a software DCD that can be enabled if the squelch of the transceiver is too slow. However, the recommended mode of operation is without software DCD, as a proper hardware carrier detection is more reliable and causes less load on the computer.

    Warning: The statistics do not recognize any TX or RX errors because the hardware does not allow that. Some experimenting is required to know if the computer or the configuration in conjunction with the other channels allows an error free operation.

    Note: Problems have been reported running ser12 on some notebooks and some state-of-the-art computer mainboards with onboard UARTs. It seems that some brand of I/O controllers lack special features that are needed for the ser12 driver to perform properly.

Command line parameters:
ser12 <comnr> [/p=<port>][/i=<irq>]
FlexNet parameters:
'c': enable software DCD.

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